What Did the Romans Use to Purify Their Water?

what-did-the-romans-use-to-purify-their-waterIn the old days – centuries, millennia ago – people did not have the privilege of having their water filtered so it would be clean to drink and use in cooking. They drank and used what was available to them. This also rings true to Romans, although they were the first ones to form a civilization. Ancient people used to get water from wells and rivers, which were already contaminated with animal and human remains as well as excrements and other wastes, so imagine the quality of water that they put into their bodies. This is one of the reasons why ancient peoples built aqueducts – ancient waterways whose levels were built as high as possible to avoid contamination from the ground.

Fortunately as years passed and technology progressed, so was the water quality that everyone drinks, uses in cooking and other things where water is necessary. Water purification technology was invented many years ago to remove impurities in water such as dirt, dust and others that may have accumulated in the water over time. One such water purification technology is the water softening system.

Water Softening System

Water softening is the process where essential minerals such as calcium and magnesium are removed to prevent plumbing from being clogged by hardened mineral deposits, as well as to conserve other resources such as soaps and detergents because hard water – or water with an excess amount of minerals – need more than the usual soap and detergent to produce suds.

There are places where the supply in irrigation and drinking water is hard water. This makes it hard to maintain a clean plumbing system because as years pass pipes and waterways produce a build-up of minerals found in hard water and eventually clog them. Hard water also damage appliances using water such as dishwasher and washing machines faster. When you live in an area where there is hard water, you may use a water softening system to preserve your plumbing as well as your appliances.

When choosing which system is best to use in your home, it is imperative to look water softeners that are available in the market so you can look at each system’s pros and cons and the one that will be most beneficial to you. Look up the top ten water softeners on Google and see which one will work best for your needs.



Just like any other home appliance, you need to maintain your water softener system so it doesn’t get damaged. If you are using a salt softener, you will have to add salt regularly to make it effective. Salt-free water softeners on the other hand use filters that you will have to replace regularly. These things are important if you want your softener to last for years.

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